Kelvin Omiyo Rugby Profile

Kelvin Omiyo

Kelvin Omiyo
Kelvin Omiyo Rugby Profile
Full Name Kelvin Omiyo
Club: Kabras Sugar RFC
Date of birth : Sat, 31st Dec 1988
Role player
Position Center
Status current
Profile views 4457
Age : 35 Years

Photo : Kelvin Omiyo Chwaki Kichwa.
Photo : Kelvin Omiyo Chwaki Kichwa.

High School: Rasul Al Akram Academy.
Campus : Nakuru Tracom College.
Date of Birth : 29/12/1987 .
Height : 6ft .
Weight : 103kgs.
Nickname : kichwa/ chwaki.
Area of Profession: Omiyo deals with cars and farm machinery equipment.
Rugby Positions  : Center,wing.
Rugby interest : back in primary school around 1999.
Debut : club level in 2004 for Nakuru Rfc as a flanker,
2005 Kenya Under 18 and internationals (Simba XVs) 2007.
Role Model : Benjamin "benways" Lang'o.
Previous club : Top Fry Nakuru
He joined Kabras Sugar of 13th November 2017.

Aspirations: Hopefully, help Kenya reach the World Cup and give back to rugby by helping the upcoming players with his bit of talent here and there to be quality players.

Kevin Omoyo is a humble African from the great rift valley who likes to play rugby, tour around the world and have fun.


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